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Double Dutch ~2~ Funky Town
Frankie Smith's "Double Dutch Bus"
+ Lipps, Inc. "Funky Town"

Seven Nation Hash Pipe*
Weezer, White Stripes

*Featured on

Chaos Theory
Ministry, Sisters Of Mercy,
Blondie, The Kills, LCD Soundsystem

Thrill Kill Puppy Tour
La Tour, Thrill Kill Kult, Skinny Puppy
Lizard Tones
Jesus Lizard, Tones On Tail
Looking to the Future
Dirty Vegas, Pinback (Dedicated to Jamie)

Everybody Is Listening In
Kasabian, LCD Soundsystem

Riot At the Bloc Party
Bloc Party, the Dead 60s

Find Another Way (Von Iva Supercharge)
Remix of Von Iva's "Feel It!"

LCD Soundsystem ReMash
Why Be A Savior
The Cure, The Rapture
!Starry Echoes!of Heaven!
The Rapture, Motley Crue, !!!
Not A Jealous Love Song
P.I.L., The Rapture
Rather Be At Home
Liars, Gorillaz, Queens Of The Stone Age, !!!
NIN - Only (Entropic Reasoning Mix)
Nine Inch Nails Remix
programming by DrMindbender
additional vocals by Sistawife and DrMindbender
Rolling Heat (Six Reels Pt. 2)
Reverend Horton Heat, Rolling Stones, PJ Harvey
Six Reels Of Sin
Digable Planets, Pixies, Queens Of The Stone Age, America, Zach (Rage Against The Machine), Sistawife

The Hunt Begins

Waking Dream (Staying Up Mix)
Primal Urges (Featuring Siouxie)

Lost In The Night

Increased Tempo
SexyBeat (Sex in the Air mix)
Mixed Sets  
Cruising At Altitude - 75min (hard trance) vinyl mix set
Time To Relax - 75min (house) vinyl mix set
Techno Party- 75min (techno) vinyl mix set
Gothenburg sounds

Autumn's End - ...And Die
DrMindbender on Vox & Keyboard 1994

Autumn's End - In The Depths Of The Cold Dark
DrMindbender on Vox & Keyboard 1994
Xenonecrologist - This Is What We Say
DrMindbender on Vox & Drums 1996
Metalized Electronic
  Insalubrious - The Wait Is Over
Programming by DrMindbender
Everything else...
  Sistawife - Simply Dazed
Programming by DrMindbender
Dedicated to DazedPerseus and Simply Vesta
Artists and DJs who would like their mix sets or songs to appear here can contact us by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Stinscatzor - Morphine

  Stinscatzor - I Will Die For The Last Time
these are some of my favorite tracks, I downloaded them from somewhere and didn't get the artist's name...


Bells Of Badu (vocal mix)
Deep Soul Syrup
Delphi Phunk (urban mix)
  Dirty Delicious
  Haus Of Sin

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